Ice Wand™ 

Get a Clean Commercial Ice Machine Today! It works like magic!

Improve the overall quality of your ice and cut costs associated with ice machine cleanings

Does your commercial ice machine have pink slime, bacteria, black ice, or bio-film? An ice machine filter typically cannot reduce or eliminate bacterial growth because they are open systems that draw airborne microorganisms.  The average ice machine cleaning cost is over $200. In high yeast environments, such as baking bread or pizza, ice machines may require monthly cleaning.

That is why Drain-Net Technologies offers the Ice Wand.   The Ice Wand™ is a patented product which contains an advanced antimicrobial media housed within a simple, drop-in, flow-through device measuring.  It can improve the overall quality of your beverages and ice - cut costs, reduces down time, and extends the life of your ice machine!

Ice Wand Features!

How The Ice Wand™ Works

The Ice Wand™ is immersed directly in the water sump, located inside the ice cube machine.  The patented media contained in the Ice Wand is made up of ceramic pellets coated with natural minerals with antimicrobial properties.  The minerals are time-released into the ice cube make-up water. The minerals coat the internal surfaces of the ice machine wherever water splashes during the ice making process.  As water freezes into ice, naturally dissolved minerals are rejected by the crystallization process, delivering only sparkling clean, fresh tasting ice cubes to consumers.

Pre-Installation Cleaning

For a currently in-use ice cube machine, Ice Wand™ should be applied only after thoroughly scrubbing and sanitizing the ice cube machine.  Consult the service manual or contact the authorized service company to perform the service for your ice cube machine.  The perfect occasion to use the Ice Wand™ is naturally in a brand new ice cube machine.   We highly recommend placing an Ice Wand™ in every new ice cube machine to prevent biofilm from building up.  Ice Wand™ is a preventative product, and it will not clean an already dirty ice machine.

Effect on taste and odor:

The Ice Wand™ media imparts NO taste and odor on the treated water.  As water freezes into ice, naturally dissolved minerals are rejected by the crystallization process, delivering only sparkling clean, fresh tasting ice cubes to consumers. 

Replacement frequency:

The recommended replacement frequency for a standard size Ice Wand™ is:

This recommendation is formulated based on data collected from extensive in-house and outside testing, as well as feedback and data collected from customers since 2002. 

Ice Cube Machines With Water Filtration System:

Carbon pre-filters in water line going into the ice cube machines are commonly designed to remove chlorine to improve the taste of ice cubes.  However, removing the chlorine and exposing this water to contaminated environment may lead to increased mold and slime growth rate.  Therefore, the use of Ice Wand™ is highly complementary with filter usage.

Handling and Care:

The Ice Wand™ requires no special handling procedure.  It does not contain any carcinogenic or toxic by-products; therefore, spent Ice Wand™ can be safely disposed of along with normal trash.


"The Ice Wand™ allows us to go far beyond the standard food service sanitation requirements to create an even safer, cleaner, beverage preparation area with better tasting ice cubes."

- President of a Southeast Regional Restaurant Chain